Fujifilm Z70 Black

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    • 12.2 Megapixels
    • 2.3 " LCD Screen
    • 5x Optical Zoom
    • A Quality that Says it All
    • Easy-to-use Shooting Modes
    • Editing, Uploading and Sharing for Everyone

    Model: Fujifilm Z70 Black
    12.2 Megapixels
    This is NOT parallel imported

    What's in the box:
    *Fujifilm Z70 Black
    *Battery NP-45A
    *Charger BC45B
    *USB cable
    *Hand strap
    *Manual booklet
    *NZ Warranty Card (12 Months)
    *GST Receipt

    Features at a glance:

    Facebook Friendly

    A new Facebook/YouTube Easy Upload feature allows you to sort out in-camera what photos and videos you want to upload to the web. Simply make a memory, mark it to Facebook or YouTube using the one-touch Blog button, and your images will be filed, resized, and all ready to post online. Once you connect your camera to your computer and MyFinePix Studio software is launched*, images and videos will be instantly uploaded to the respective sites.
    *Included with camera

    One-touch Movie Mode

    Movie SymbolSometimes stills just don't do a moment justice. The Z70 features a "One-touch movie button" that enables you to easily and quickly switch from photos to movie recording and capture the very essence of the moment perfectly with sound.

    Plus, a new Movie Edit function allows you to add your own finishing touches to your footage by editing movie to make them B&W, Sepia or even by adding a backlight correction, all this in-camera.

    Tracking Auto Focus

    Ideal when photographing fast moving subjects and action shots, Tracking AF will ‘lock on’ to moving subjects and keep them in focus. Simply half press the shutter button and Tracking AF will track and keep focus on your subject. As soon as you fully press the shutter button you will capture a photo with the subject perfectly in focus.

    See Tracking AF at work

    Automatic Scene Recognition Technology

    Intelligently, the FinePix Z70 can detect the scene type you are taking a picture of and optimises focus, exposure and white balance to guarantee a perfectly balanced shot. SR Auto knows if you are shooting in low-light or bright sunlight and automatically adjusts the settings accordingly to avoid spoilt shots and ensure you get the best out of your camera.

    SR Auto logo

    PortraitPortrait LogoPortrait

    Detects the faces quickly in the frame and optimises focus, brightness and white balance.

    Landscape logoLandscape
    Scenic shots such as mountains and buildings are automatically recognised. Colours of the sky, forests, and flower fields are captured in vivid colors and depth.

    Night logoNight

    For low-light and night-time shots, shutter speed and sensitivity are automatically adjusted, producing blur-free pictures with minimal noise.

    Night picture
                  Conventional camera                              FinePix Z70

    Macro logoMacro

    When your subject is very close to the camera, it adjusts the settings automatically to produce high-resolution, blue-free shots.


    Macro images
                  Conventional camera                          FinePix Z70

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